As a decorative work, moulding involves the process of covering a surface with materials that are of versatile profiles. Milled wood, reformed wood, plaster, stones and marbles are used as moulding materials. Mouldings greatly vary in feature, style, composition, and use. Basically, they are used to cover and hide natural joints and seal marks incurred during the process of construction of the structure. Moreover, moulding is also a method applied to put some light and dark-shaded stripes to an object without having to alter the material or even apply pigments into it.

CSC’s moulding services help you create a variation on your house structures’ surfaces. As long as the colors and shades complement the whole picture of your room or house, moulding is always a good idea. To achieve a nice and elegant finish, our products are well-chosen and the equipment we use is all top-of-the-line. If you wish to have custom moulding for your home, pick up your phone now and contact us. We are just a call away.