Excellent Bathroom Remodeling in Staten Island, NY

Are you the type of person who loves checking the restroom or washroom areas of someone’s place? It relieves stress especially if it is clean, beautiful and if it smells good. We understand you because 80% of people we surveyed, they say that washrooms are their personal sanctuary. It serves as the safest place for some, and it is what they look for in-case of simple emergencies especially for the ladies.

Everyone wants to have a beautiful bathroom to brag. Who doesn’t want something that everyone dreams of? You don’t have to be a professional to have your dream bathroom. Here at Clean Sweep Contracting, we can help you with our professional bathroom design and installation services. We are experts when it comes custom bathrooms in Staten Island, NY.

What Do We Consider in Bathroom Design to Make it Jaw-Dropping?

  • Modern Design and Relaxing Atmosphere

-Washrooms are no longer a place where you only get ready for work. It serves as a meditation place for many who wants to find relaxation.

  • Size

-Bathroom or washroom areas should have enough space to accommodate the shower area, toilet area, washbasin area and other functions of a bathroom. A bigger space will make the atmosphere better and more relaxing.

  • Smooth Surface

-This means that all plumbing should be concealed behind walls. Visible pipes can actually give a distracting presence in a modern bathroom.

  • Lighting

-A good lighting gives a better ambiance. It m

Let’s turn your dream custom bathrooms in Staten Island, NY to reality today! Here at Clean Sweep Contracting, we walk the talk. We will give you an excellent result that will satisfy your requested design and budget.

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