Ever thought of having a personally-designed door? Usually, you are left with no choice but to just pick one of those many ready-made doors available in the market today. While you might have an idea about how your door should look like, you are limited by the choices they got in malls and furniture stores. Although there are doors that are really of high quality and superb design, they can still fall short of your satisfaction.

Clean Sweep Contracting makes it possible for you to have a door crafted out of your own ideas. We offer custom-built interior and exterior doors in Staten Island, which are made of the finest materials available. Communicate to us your design and we will shape the door accordingly, with superior quality and guaranteed durability. With solid skill and dexterity of hands, we have been producing excellent doors for years now. Customize your exterior and interior doors with us today.

Why choose custom built-ins?

Custom built-ins allow you to choose the perfect design, color and style for your house. Whether you need a walk-in closet, need to replace your door or you want to maximize the space of your room, we can do that for you!

Why choose us?

Exterior and interior doors in Staten Island is just one of our specialties. We have been in the industry for several years and we have mastered the right ways and process to produce the best crafts in town.

What is our edge?

Every piece and craft we make at Clean Sweep Contracting stands out not just because of the materials we use but also because of our skills, passion and dedication in giving you only the best pieces in town!

If ever you’ve decided to have custom built-ins, don’t hesitate to call us at 347-723-5277 or email your inquiries at

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