Clean Sweep Contracting’s custom moulding in Staten Island, NY has always been on top when it comes to quality and creativity. So if you plan on adding professional decorative work on your door, or ceiling, this means that you need our moulding service.

Why Our Moulding Service?

Aside from having the best professional moulders in our company, we are well known for delivering creative and flawless outputs, and these quality results enabled us to build a credible name in this field of service.

What Can We Mold for You?

We can create spectacular moldings to almost everything for you. We can add aesthetic value to your interior and exterior structures such as:

  • Beams
  • Ceilings
  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Kitchen Tables and Chairs
  • Door

Be it a marble or good quality of wood material, our creative molding is crafted according to your preference. We have all the right tools and together with our outstanding team, we can give you only spectacular finishes.

What Do You Get From Our Service?

CSC’s moulding services can help you create variations on your house structures’ surfaces without costing you a lot. As long as the designs complement the whole picture of your room or house, moulding is always a good idea. To achieve a nice and elegant finish, our products are well-chosen and the equipment we use are all top-of-the-line.

Pulling out your designs into reality in order to achieve the perfect holistic ambiance for your home is a unique way to express your personality through the aesthetics of your home. And the result? A lasting impression will be left on every guest that you will have over your home when they witness how you bring your ideal home into life.


Now, if you’ve decided to have custom moulding in Staten Island, NY for your home, pick up your phone now and contact us. We are just a call away just dial 347-723-5277 today. Give us the details and let’s negotiate. We assure you that we will satisfy you and your budget for the beautification of your

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