Ever walked inside one of many heritage buildings in New York and thought to yourself: “I want a piece of heritage just like that on my house”? Maybe you’ve noticed that vintage-looking door you just came through. We at Clean Sweep Contracting develop custom Staten Island NY interior doors for any household.

Whenever we talk about doors, we are left with the traditional choice of picking one out of a thousand readymade doors at the market or depot. Although some might look better than others, we have to admit that they don’t really meet your specifications. You just buy it because it’s as close to your ideals as it can get. While you might have an idea about how your door should look like, you are limited by the choices they got in malls and furniture stores. Although there are doors that are really of high quality and superb design, they can still fall short of your satisfaction.

Here is where we step in.

Clean Sweep Contracting makes it possible for you to have a door crafted out of your own ideas. We offer custom-built interior and exterior doors, which are made of the finest materials available. If you have been longing to have a piece of historically accurate door design for your home to complete your overall theme, do not hesitate to communicate to us your requests and we will shape your door accordingly, with superior quality and guaranteed durability. We also do custom designs straight from our client’s imagination. All the client has to do is send us the details of their requests and we will deliver. With solid skill and dexterity of hands, we have been producing excellent doors for years making us one of only a few providers of high-quality custom doors in Staten Island. What are you waiting for? Have your exterior and interior doors customized with us today with Clean Sweep Contracting!

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