Don’t be fooled by those dozens of myths surrounding interior framing without the proper knowledge. It’s more than what you think.

Some of us may have heard people in New York say that framing is as simple as putting two sticks together; well, it’s not. Framing is an intricate process that involves matching together construction pieces acting as beams and posts to provide support and shape to a structure. Some areas of the house would require certain forms and types of framing methods to support heavier loads. Two story houses, for example, would need a particular style of framing on the lower floor that is able to support the added floor on top to compensate for the extra load. Whatever the case is, framing is considered to be an integral part of the entire construction process. The strength of your commercial or residential establishment largely depends on its framing.

Conventionally, wood and steel are utilized as framing materials. Interior framing can either be categorized as heavy-frame construction or light-frame construction. Using caliber materials and high-end equipment, we offer services in both categories. With all this in play, framing is complex at the very least. Anywhere you’d go, this concept holds true. Even framing in Staten Island is no different.

At Clean Sweep Contracting, we understand the complexity that goes with the construction of interior frames. And as much as we take pride in the quality of our work, we also make it a point to prioritize our clients themselves. We know how important it is to construct a safe and stable frame for the house. In this knowledge, we take into consideration the longevity of a frame with regards to family safety. Our team of professional interior framing experts are more than qualified to examine the area and work on developing an interior frame based on those detailed assessments. We make sure that each one on our team does the job properly so that our clients’ wellbeing is not put at risk.

In order to ensure that no detail will be missed, we work on a systematized process in accomplishing our projects. We first come up with a plan before installing the framing materials. An outstanding finish is what we always aim for. For every project we accept, we have come up with incomparable work results. Our crew is highly experienced and skilled to deal with any framing demands, be it platform framing, irregular roof framing, timber framing, metal framing and steel setting. Just communicate your preference to us and we stand ready to serve you. Clean Sweep Contracting has years of experience when it comes to framing in Staten Island NY. You can be confident of the quality of the service that we provide.

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