Why get stonewall in Staten Island, NY?
Stone walls have been a part of many societies since ancient times. Why? Stone walls add a unique element of beauty no matter where you decide to have them built. Today, with the advent of technology that has brought about inevitable changes, not only palaces, castles, and city walls are fortified with stone walls. Innovations further leveled up stone walls in terms of function, design, and material. Several commercial and residential spaces now have set aside a special corner where stone walls are installed for aesthetic purposes.

What are they made of?
Stone walls are usually made of local materials such as limestone, flint, granite, and sandstone; however, these materials vary in their durability. The quality of the materials used can vary in terms of its ability to be molded or worked into regular shapes before construction, endurance to weathering, and resistance to water penetration. This is why if you want to have a stone wall built in your home, hire contractors who are experts in stonework because you want the finished product to look perfect.

Stonework and stone walls aren’t only done outside the home. They can also be incorporated into home interior designs to add a different kind of wow factor to the atmosphere of a home. But, it’s not something that should be handled by novices. So, if you want quality work, better call us at Clean Sweep Contracting to handle the job. We have the skills and experience necessary to produce quality work that’s also aesthetically pleasing.

What else?
Since stone wall materials vary in a lot of things, our company is very particular in choosing the most durable and appropriate material used in all our projects. Granite, which is very resistant to weathering, is the ideal material for stonework. If you wish to have your own stonework corner, just tell us the design you wish to achieve and we will gladly do the work with solid precision. Style up your space with a stonewall in Staten Island, NY now!

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